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Robin Kerr


Graduated as a physiotherapist from Sydney University (CCHS) in 1985. Initially her practice was military based and heavily lumbo-pelvic and lower limb injury focused. She underwent extensive biomechanical post graduate training in running laboratory gait analysis, working internationally with elite level runners for many years. Living in Hong Kong for many years she was a director along with 5 surgeons of Hong Kong Surgical Specialists and SportsPhysioHK. Whilst in Hong Kong she was sports medicine, martial arts and low back/pelvic pain focused. Clinically she trained in Women’s Health in the late 90’s and completed the Melbourne Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation certification in 2000. She returned to Australia in 2009 and currently she focuses on pelvic floor and chronic low back pain issues, however continues to treat all areas with a holistic perspective. A keen reader of the science related to physiotherapy, Robin prides herself on evidence based/supported work and has an international reputation for applying research clinically. Complementing the physiotherapy are credentials in TRE (Trauma/Tension Release Therapy) and multiple fitness professional qualifications.

Robin is also the empty nester mum of Imogen and the unpaid farmhand for husband Mike at the family farm at Yandina Creek.

Please note: Robin is currently not working within Birtwill Physio and only from her private clinic at Yandina Creek. She is not seeing new patients unless specifically pelvic floor related. Please call the clinic so we can pass on your details if appropriate. 

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