The Australian Physiotherapy Association describes Pilates as a method of exercise promoting muscle strength, efficiency and flexibility. It’s widely used in physical training and rehabilitation. There are two main streams: standard Pilates and Clinical Pilates. Standard Pilates is for general conditioning, with non-injured patients taught by instructors. Clinical Pilates is where appropriately trained physiotherapists incorporate specific exercises in a treatment process to match a patient’s condition.



Standard Pilates can help correct posture, improve functional movement and with regular practice, your muscles will become lengthened, toned and lean.

Clinical Pilates incorporates all of the above principles, but also considers ‘neural drive’ and ‘directional preference’. Neural drive is how our brain and muscles communicate to enable good posture and functional movement. It works on improving coordination, balance, motor control and efficiency of movement. This type of Clinical Pilates is also called Prevention Exercise Program or PEP.

We currently offer 2 PEP Classes per week, on Tuesdays at 12noon (tought by Susie) and Thursdays at 12noon (tought by Dan). Bookings are essential as we have a maximum of 5 participants per class.