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Ian Seels FACP
Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist (as awarded by Australian College of Physiotherapists)
 B.Sc. (Physio), M.Sci. (Physio), M.Med.Sci (Sport and Ex. Sci.), Grad.Dip.Manip.Ther.

Ian has worked in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy for 35+ years and brings an enormous amount of expertise and experience to Birtwill Physiotherapy. He is the only private specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist on the Sunshine Coast and one of 100 nation-wide. Ian is involved with Birtwill Physiotherapy on a permanent-part-time consultancy basis. He works primarily for Queensland Health, in an advanced-scope position, within both the orthopaedic and neurology departments at both Nambour hospital and SCUH. Ian also runs a private teaching/mentoring musculoskeletal physiotherapy business and has taught extensively around the globe. Locally, he mentors postgraduate sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy students on a regular basis.

Ian’s particular areas of interest are spinal pain, referred pain, headaches, knee troubles, tendon problems, plus the relevance of diet and inflammation in musculoskeletal pain states. If you are seeking either an expert opinion on how your problem may be best managed (including whether or not you should consider surgery or injections) or wish to obtain a diagnosis on a problem no one seems to be able to find the answer to, consider seeing Ian. We think you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Ian is a long-term local and proud dad of 3-beautiful young women. In his spare time, he likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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